Trustees Fee Schedule

The full details of the Trustees Fees can be found in the Trustees Licensing (Amendment) Regulations 2009, but for ease of reference a summary is shown in the table below.

Trustee Application and Annual Fees are as follows:

On application for a licence other than a restricted licence $ 2,000
On application for a restricted licence $ 1,000
Annually, on the 31st March during subsistence of the licence:
(a) for an unrestricted licence $10,000
(b) a restricted licence $ 1,500

*If the applicant is a wholly owned subsidiary of a licenced trustee the fee payable on application shall be one-fifth of the fee otherwise payable; and if a licenced trustee is a wholly owned subsidiary of another licenced trustee, the annual fee, including the proportion payable on grant of the licence, shall be one-tenth of the fee otherwise payable.

*When a licence is first granted, the annual fee payable for the initial year of the company's operations shall be the relevant annual fee indicated above, pro-rated from the month in which the licence is granted to the following 31st March.