Non Profit Organisations Registration

As the designated supervisory authority, the Financial Services Commission is required to maintain a Register of all non-profit organisations. A summary of the role of the NPO Supervisor is provided below. Please refer to Regulation 4 of the NPO Regulations 2014 for full details

The NPO Supervisor must:

  1. Act as the registration, supervision, and enforcement authority.
  2. Monit compliance with registration requirements and the NPO legislation.
  3. Monitor the effectiveness of the NPO legislation.
  4. Undertake periodic reviews of the NPO sector.
  5. Undertake outreach to non-profit organisations. Outreach activities to include
    1. Raising awareness of non-profit organisations concerning the risks of their being used for terrorist financing or money laundering

    2. Promoting transparency, accountability, integrity and public confidence
  6. Discharge such other functions as may be assigned to the NPO Supervisor.


The application to register addresses the establishment of the Register of NPOs and is in two parts. The first being information relevant to the NPO itself to establish an early understanding of the vulnerability to the risks which they may face. The second section deals with identifying the “owners” and/or decision making individuals.


Should any NPO require assistance in completing the application forms please refer to the Compliance Unit at the Turks and Caicos Islands Financial Services Commission. Email: and copied to the Head of Compliance


Who should use this form?

Regulation 6 of the NPO Regulations refers to the Requirement to Register.

6.  (1) Subject to sub-regulation (2), a non-profit organisation shall be registered in the NPO Register if it is -

  1. Incorporated, formed or otherwise established in the Islands; or
  2. Administered in or from within the Islands

 Exemption from Registration

Regulation 6 (2) speaks to those conditions which must be met to allow the NPO Supervisor to issue a certificate of exemption.

An application form to request exemption is under preparation and will be published on this site no later than the end of January 2015.

A $150 fee must accompany an application for a certificate of exemption.

Information held on the NPO Register

Regulation 5 (2) provides full details of the information to be held on the NPO Register.

Deadline for Registration

The deadline for registration of existing Non-Profit Organisations is 20th February 2015.

Newly formed Non-Profit Organisations must be registered immediately upon formation.


How to submit this application form


A paper version together with all attachments must be submitted by hand to the Commission Offices in Providenciales or Grand Turk.


The application must be accompanied by payment for the one time registration fee of $150.00. Cheques are payable to the Financial Services Commission. Payment may also be made by VISA or MasterCard at the Commission Offices.


An advance electronic copy of the application form may be submitted to copied to


If considered necessary, more complete information may be provided using an additional copy of the relevant page suitably cross referenced to the main registration form.