Companies FAQs

What is required for incorporating or forming a Company?

Memorandum of Association (3 copies)
Articles of Association (3 copies)
Any Resolution which may be signed by the parties

What type of Companies can be formed in the TCI?

  • Ordinary
  • Exempt (Pursuant to Part VII of the Companies Ordinance . Companies incorporated in TCI but operate outside of TCI. Exempt from duties and taxes in TCI)
  • Limited Partnership (pursuant to the Limited Partnership Ordinance)
  • Foreign Ordinary (Pursuant to Part XI of the Companies ordinance i.e. a company incorporated in another jurisdiction and doing business in the TCI)
  • Foreign Exempt (Pursuant to Part X of the Companies Ordinance i.e. a company incorporated in another jurisdiction and continued in TCI i.e. redomiciled to TCI)
  • Limited Life Companies (Pursuant to Part VIII of the Companies Ordinance. Exempt Company can apply to be LLC for a period of up to 50 years. Can extend in circumstances for another 150 years)

When are Annual Returns Due?

  • Ordinary Companies - 15 Months after incorporation and 8 weeks after the first General Meeting.
  • Exempt - 31st of January annually
  • Foreign Ordinary - 15 Months after incorporation
  • Foreign Exempt - 31st January annually
  • Limited Partnership - on the date of their anniversary
  • Limited Life Companies - On the date of their anniversary

Do I have to submit Notices for any changes done to my company?

Yes. Changes to Directors, Secretaries, Shareholders and No. of shares change of Registered Office must be submitted to the Registrar at the prescribed fee of $50.00 per change.

How much does it cost to incorporate a company, Annual Returns and Searches?

To incorporate a Company:

  • Ordinary Company: $300
  • Exempt Company: $150 (depending on share capital)
  • Foreign Ordinary: $ 300
  • Foreign Exempt: $150
  • Limited Partnership: $500
  • Limited Life Companies: $300

To file Annual Returns:

  • Ordinary $300
  • Exempt $350
  • Foreign Ordinary $300
  • Foreign Exempt $350
  • Limited Partnership $300
  • Limited Life Companies $300

For a printed Search: $50.00 per search