Trademarks & Patents FAQs

How long does it take for the Registration of a Trademark?

One month after the Official Publication in the Government Gazette.

What class can I use for in registering certain goods and services?

Classes 1 - 34 are classification of goods (Pursuant to the Trademark Rules 1998).
Classes 35 -45 are classification of services (Pursuant to the Trademark Rules 1998).

Can I register a Patent in the TCI?

No. A patent has to be registered in the United Kingdom Patent Office and a certificate has to be issued to the Applicant before it can be registered in the TCI. The TCI only grants an extension of the UK Rights to Patents which are registered in the United Kingdom.

What is the life of a Patent?

20 years in the United Kingdom. When filed in the TCI, it will expire on the same date as it expires in the UK.