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1. The International Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers advises that 8 individuals have been added to the Syria financial sanctions regime.

  • Bassam TOU’MA (Group ID: 13997)
  • Hassan GHABACHE (Group ID: 13998)
  • Ziyad SABBAGH (Group ID: 13999)
  • Hassan QATANA (Group ID: 14000)
  • Ghassan ZAMEL (Group ID: 14001)
  • Mohamad Fayez BARCHA (Group ID: 14002)
  • Malloul HUSSEIN (Group ID: 14003)
  • Mohammad Samir HADDAD (Group ID: 14004)

These individuals have been added to the consolidated list and are now subject to an asset freeze.

2. The full notice was issued by the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation of HM Treasury.

To see the full notice click here

3. The United Kingdom’s Consolidated List can be accessed here.

Financial Sanction Notice 96 of 2020