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Business Names Registries


Any business that is not an incorporated company must register a Business Name. Only if the Business Name is the true names and/or initials of the partners, there will be no requirement for the registration of the Business Name.

The registration of Business Names is governed by the Business Names (Registration) Ordinance

The registration of a business name shall be effected on payment to the Registrar of a registration fee of $50.00 and by filing with the Registrar a statement signed, containing inter alia the following particulars:

  1. the business name;
  2. the general nature of the business;
  3. the principal place of the business
  4. name, the nationality, and if that nationality is not the nationality of origin, the nationality of origin, the usual residence and the other business occupation if any of all partners.
  5. date of the commencement of the business

The fee to amend all Business Names Registration Information is $10.

The Registrar may refuse to register or cancel the registration of a Business name if in his opinion the name is inter alia:

  1. undesirable or misleading;
  2. is identical to the name of another business or corporation or
  3. contain any of the restricted works pursuant to Section 16 of the Ordinance.

All business with a registered business name are required to renew its registration annually. The fee for annual renewal is $50.00