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Complaints against Licence Holders

The Commission expects each licence holder to establish and maintain effective complaints-handling systems and procedures. This should, as a minimum, include:

  1. Maintaining adequate records of complaints received and any compensation agreed;
  2. Informing customers of the procedures for dealing with complaints;
  3. The provision of an initial response acknowledging receipt of a complaint and a written response outlining a final decision.

In all cases, complaints should be acknowledged promptly and managed in a fair and proper manner by the licence holder. Ordinarily, FSC would expect the parties to resolve the dispute without any further intervention. We endeavor to complete our investigation of your complaint within a reasonable period of time. We will advise if your complaint has been upheld and what steps will be taken to remedy the situation. If your complaint has been rejected, you will be given an explanation for our decision. For more details on our policy regarding complaints against the commission, please click here.

Complaining directly to the Commission

If, however, a complainant is not satisfied with any substantive reply from the licence holder, they may complain directly to the Commission. In cases where the parties cannot settle the dispute, the Commission will receive and examine complaints against licence holders.