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Complaints against the Commission

The Commission is committed to acting professionally and fairly at all times and we aim to ensure that any complaints about our actions or omissions are handled fairly and consistently.

If you have been directly affected by our actions, or if you have a direct involvement or interest in the subject of a complaint, you may complain to us about the way the Commission has carried out or failed to carry out its role.

Complaints received in writing will be acknowledged within 7 days and resolved as quickly as possible. Your complaint will be investigated by Commission staff with the appropriate experience and knowledge.

We endeavour to complete our investigation of your complaint within a reasonable period of time. We will advise if your complaint has been upheld and what steps will be taken to remedy the situation. If your complaint has been rejected, you will be given an explanation for our decision. For more details on our policy regarding complaints against the commission, please click here. The complaints form can be submitted to

We always aim to satisfy the needs of our customers but realise that despite our best efforts, sometimes, things can go wrong. When they do, we will aim to correct them to the best of our ability.

If you are not happy with a specific aspect of our service, please do contact us. We will deal with any complaints or difficulties experienced quickly and fairly.

All complaints against the Commission are treated in confidence as far as possible.

Satisfied with our service?

We are interested in your views and opinions of the services that we offer and the manner in which we deliver them. Please feel free to contact us in the event that you have any suggestions as to how we might improve our services or the manner in which we deliver them.