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Ms. Shelly Forde, Registrar of Companies

Ms. Forde joined the Financial Services Commission in 2022 as Registrar.  She has worked in the private-sector industries including banking, trust, legal, insurance, and corporate service providers. Ms. Forde also held the secretarial position for the Board of the Association of Company Managers and Agents for two (2) years. Through her years working in the private sector, Ms. Forde has supported her country by hosting and presenting at many seminars to promote adherence to the regulations primarily related to the company, anti-money laundering and exchange of information laws. Her passion and commitment continue as Registrar of Companies, Trademark and Patents.

Ms. Forde holds master’s degrees in Finance (2007) and Law (2020). She also has certifications as an Advanced Certified Anti-money laundering Specialist in Risk Management and Certified Anti-money laundering Fintech Compliance Associate through the Association of Certified Anti-money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).